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Rav Moshe Feinstein Foundation Inc 
Thousands of unpublished manuscripts...a living legacy

The Foundation is dedicated to publishing Rav Moshe Ztl's  unpublished manuscripts. Our first success, the ninth volume of Igros Moshe, has received world wide acclaim and we have since published nine volumes of the Dibros: Sanhedrin, Beitza, Shavuos, Avoda Zara, Nida, Taharos, Brachos, Dmai, Sheviyis, and the very popular first three volumes of Mesoras Moshe. 
​    It is with great excitement that we are completing the publication of Dibros/Igros on Zeraim Yerushalmi! The manuscripts for this sefer were among Rabbeinu's most prized possessions because they were written in Russia when he was in his twenties and smuggled out when emigrating to the United States. 
    Additionally, the next four volumes of the Dibros on Seder Moed are being prepared as well as 3 volumes of Mesores Moshe including two sefarim in English.
    We are presently commemorating Rav Moshe's 34th yurtzeits , Taanis Esther 5780 / 2020. Those who were zoche to be alive during his lifetime can hardly believe that he has been gone for more than three decades. Regardless, an hour does not pass without Rav Moshe's name being quoted as the definitive source of practical daily halacha.
    Dedications  opportunities are available. Please go to our donation and dedication page for more information about how to become a part of Rav Moshe's living legacy.
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