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Darash Moshe - weekly translation
And it was on the eight day, Moshe called Aharon and his sons.... (Parshas Tzav, Vayikra 9:2)
    The act of "calling" implies that Aharon and his sons were elsewhere and needed to be summoned. However, we already know that Aharon and his sons had spent the last seven days with Moshe in the Mishkan! There was no need for Moshe to summon them; instead, the verse should have simply stated the instructions for the offerings and services of the eighth day of the inaguration ceremony. 
    It could be that the reason why Moshe had to first "call" them was to teach them that they had to prepare themsleves to engage the new Mitzvos of the eight day with a fresh excitement and anticipation as if they had not just spent the previous seven days engaged in the inaguration of the Mishkan.  
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